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A Colorful Wedding at Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs

vibrant pool area at hotel saguaro in palm springs

Do you want to have a wedding infused with bright California colors and beautiful mountain views? Check out Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs. This incredible wedding venue is possibly the most vibrant place you can get married in Palm Springs.

colorful outdoor space at palm springs wedding venue hotel saguaro

Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs

Hotel Saguaro is a big hotel with boutique vibes. It’s a great place to stay for people who want to take their time and soak up the sun in gorgeous surroundings. Palm Springs is full of amazing wedding venues, but this one is guaranteed to be memorable. 

For weddings, Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs renovated the Sago Ballroom and Terrace. Continuous indoor/outdoor space is a well-known characteristic of Southern California architecture. The ballroom and terrace create that spacious feeling for big and small weddings. It doesn’t hurt that you get views of the Olympic pool and the San Jacinto mountains outside the city.

The bright colors are one of the most appealing aspects of this Palm Springs wedding venue, so the neutral palette of the Sago Ballroom might be unexpected. The perk is that you can decorate in any color scheme. You can incorporate as much or as little of the building’s bold hues as you choose. Your Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs wedding can still feel intentional and personal.

vibrant pool area at hotel saguaro in palm springs

California Vibes with Technicolor Decor

Getting married at Hotel Saguaro Palm Springs lets you relax and be present with your people. When you stay on site, you can cut down on the wedding morning rush and get swept up in your surroundings. Maybe you can even squeeze in a wedding morning swim with your partner.

The interior design at this hotel is such a treat for guests. Each room features a unique color scheme. 60’s-inspired lamps light candy-colored rooms with neon cacti on bedside tables. Hotel Saguaro is a great venue for anyone who wants to feel like they’ve stepped through time into Palm Spring’s heyday. 

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bright colorful lobby space at hotel saguaro